What to do if you’re peaking in bed faster than he is

You think it’s great and enjoyable to cum just a few minutes after you start having sex. It’s a dream come true, right? But for many women around the world, having an orgasm too quickly is a problem that plagues them for most of their adult lives and causes guilt and shame.

While most of us have climaxed a little earlier at some point than we’d like, thanks to a talented partner or one of the best sex toys or https://telegram-porn.com/catalog/product-category/channels/adult-content, for some women premature orgasm is a chronic problem.

How do you know if you’re cumming prematurely?

There is no “normal” amount of time in which a woman reaches orgasm. Most climax between five and 20 minutes of sex. If you consistently cum after one or two minutes, you may be experiencing a premature orgasm.

Unfortunately, like most women’s health and sex issues, premature orgasm in women is not as well studied as premature ejaculation in men, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. One study found that 40% of women sometimes orgasm during sex faster than expected, and for 3% of them the problem is chronic. In addition, according to the University of Chicago’s 2005 National Health and Social Life Survey, 10% of women reported orgasms coming too fast. Another 2016 study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health reported that 3.9 percent of women ages 16 to 21 had experienced a premature orgasm in the past year.

How do you deal with premature orgasm?

Although there are no studies yet on how to treat female premature orgasm, professionals recommend treatments that usually help men, including sex therapy and a course of antidepressants to help prevent premature ejaculation. There are many other styles of erotica that won’t make you cum as quickly, so why not explore them? For example, erotic conversations, sensual non-genital touching, role-playing or watching erotic visual materials.

Doctors also recommend engaging in masturbation to get to know your arousal patterns and what’s going on in your body in the moments leading up to orgasm. Also find out if a certain sex act or pose causes premature orgasm, and avoid them if you want to last longer. Accept the fact that you can cum faster than you want to, and it’s not necessarily the end of the world.