10 Myths about losing your virginity

There comes a time in every child’s life when they become interested in sex and https://telegram-porn.com/catalog/product-category/channels/adult-content. Most often it happens in adolescence, when the stage of active puberty begins and the hormonal background changes. Often sex is discussed in the company of peers or with close friends. With parents, teenagers are usually shy to talk about such topics. That is why they often have misconceptions about losing their virginity. Let’s try to clarify this issue and dispel the most common myths.

1. Everyone begins to have sex at 14-15 years old

Worldwide statistics show that people have their first sexual experience at 17,4 years. In Russia the figure is slightly lower – 16.2 years. But at 14-15 years old teenagers are just beginning to talk about it, often boasting to each other about nonexistent experiences. Of course, situations are different, and some do have sexual intercourse at age 14 and even earlier. But this is rather an exception to the rule than the generally accepted norm. In general, the beginning of sexual activity is influenced by many indicators, including:

  • level of intellectual development,
  • level of education,
  • family well-being.

If these indicators are high, loss of virginity occurs later.

2. With age, the hymen will become thicker, so it will be very painful

Hymen characteristics are individual, as well as eye color, figure, leg size, etc. But its thickness and elasticity do not depend on age exactly. If a girl’s hymen is thin and elastic from birth, it will be the same until old age if defloration does not occur. 

3. Early sexual activity can have a negative impact on health

The truth is that losing your virginity has no impact on your health. Although we should say that the main function of the hymen is to protect the vagina from infections and foreign bacteria. In girls, protective flora begins to form in the vagina from birth. This is a long process that ends only by the age of 17-18 years. Before this time, the epithelial layer in the vagina is very thin and easily traumatized. As a result of the trauma and can develop infectious diseases, which in some cases can even lead to infertility. But with the observance of basic rules of hygiene during sex and the use of contraceptives, such risks can be quite avoided.

4. Late sexual debut can have a negative impact on health

Sometimes you may hear the opinion that acne appears from the lack of sexual intercourse. In fact, this is not true.  Acne and other skin rashes in adolescence have completely different causes. They may be related to the hormonal system of the teenager, but with the presence or absence of the hymen scientists have not yet found a connection. 

5. If you haven’t had sex, you don’t need to see a gynecologist

Visiting a gynecologist (urologist) is mandatory for children from 6-7 years, because early detection of diseases will get rid of them at the initial stage and will not let grow into chronic diseases. 

6. Defloration is painful

Situations are different, and it is impossible to predict in advance how it will happen to a specific girl. But more often the loss of virginity is practically painless, and even blood does not always occur. The main thing is that the girl should be well aroused and prepared for sex.

7. For the first sex should choose an older man

Age does not play a special role in this case. Much more important is the experience that a man of the same age may have. An experienced man can excite the girl and bring her to a suitable state so that the first sex caused only pleasant feelings. But everything can go on at the highest level and between two inexperienced partners. Much depends on the mental attitude. 

8. Defloration in the bathtub is painless

On the one hand, in warm water the muscles relax and the pain is not felt as acutely. But on the other hand, the water washes away the lubricant, which makes penetration difficult. So it is better to lose your virginity in a more familiar environment. 

9. Condom increases pain during first sex

This is not true. Modern products are covered with a special lubricant that makes sliding easier and more comfortable. You can also additionally use lubricants. 

10. It is impossible to get pregnant during the first sex 

The most widespread myth, which is refuted by a huge number of girls who are “knocked up” after the first intercourse.