How to improve your sex life with meditation

Meditation and is an excellent tool for developing concentration and awareness. Spiritual practices help not only maintain health, but also improve intimate life. Why it works and how to master a basic practice to awaken sexual energy, we tell in our material.

One of the biggest problems of modern women and men is that their minds are heavily overloaded with work tasks and everyday problems. This prevents you from truly relaxing and getting real pleasure in the process of sex. Through meditation, you can learn to shift your attention from your thoughts inside your body to experience the process more deeply and subtly.

How it works

Each meditation trains concentration and deconcentration of attention. One learns to control it through practice. If one meditates regularly over a long period of time, attention automatically becomes trained. A similar effect on the body comes from exercising. The more you work on the same muscle groups, the easier it is to control them. When attention is trained, one can concentrate on certain sensations in the body without being distracted by extraneous thoughts.

What is the peculiarity of sexual energy

Sexual energy is the energy of the kundalini. This is the name given to the life-giving force concentrated at the base of the human spine. Metaphorically it is represented as a snake coiled up into a ring. It is awakened in process of practice by means of meditations, directed only on production of sexual energy. It can be awakened with special sounds and breathing techniques, and directed for different purposes, including increasing one’s sexual appeal.

Basic sexual meditation

Find a place where you feel comfortable and where no one and nothing will disturb you. You can use pillows or blankets to make it more comfortable. Play relaxing music and light an aroma lamp to create a calming atmosphere. Turn off all electronic gadgets: nothing should distract you. Wear loose, natural fabric clothes, but you can do without them.

Take a comfortable position. You can cross your legs in the lotus position, lie down or sit on a chair. Put your hands on your knees. If sitting, keep your back straight and lift your chin.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations in your body, your breathing, the smells and sounds around you. If extraneous thoughts arise, let them go and continue to focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out. Feel the air filling your lungs.

Imagine what your body looks like from the inside, what its energy is like. Think about shapes, colors, and smells. For example, you can imagine sexual energy as a red ball at the base of your spine.

Pay your attention to the physical sensations. Maximally feel your body. The purpose of this practice is to increase perception and, as a result, erotic arousal.

First, practice on your own. Then you can do it together with your partner. Ideally, if your beloved will also practice meditation, then the sensations of each of you will be even brighter.

Learning to concentrate our attention, we can influence our sexual life. All it takes is 10-15 minutes a day, a quiet corner and your desire to awaken your dormant energy.